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Learn how to perfect your Newborn Photography Business in 6 months with
gorgeous posing and editing!

Can you imagine being
booked solid because
your newborn posing
photography is that amazing?

question for Aspiring Newborn Photographers:

Just imagine what your life - and  having your business - would be like...

If you work less, you could stop feeling bad because you can now  be there to drop your kids off at school, and start being there for the things that matter most.  

You Could Charge More &
Work Less

"I'm afraid to invest more money into my business. Will a mentoring program pay off?"

"I can't figure out my lighting. It's good sometimes and then bad the others. I can't figure out why!"

" I don't know what I'm doing wrong, my sessions are taking almost 5 hours. I'm exhausted"

"I've spent so much money on courses and it left me confused and overwhelmed"

I've been there. I understand what it's like, trying to navigate the unknown in a highly competitive industry. Maybe you've felt 
similar to the feelings below.

The Photography Business is a lot harder than you thought. 

let's be honest, though

"This was hands down the best decision I have made for my business and I am so grateful that you’re my mentor! Your program is awesome!"

keep your clients coming back

Get a session done in 2-3 hours

understand lighting

Pose babies better then ever

You could

Imagine being so good at posing newborns your
want to know your secrets!

dreams are possible

Kathryn xo

I have been photographing newborns for 12+ years. I started off with no resources, guidance or help. I have spent the past 12 years learning, growing and getting specialized education to be the best at my craft. For the past nearly 3 years I've been coaching online aspiring entrepreneurs to be newborn photographers.

This program focuses on the beginning steps of setting up and styling right to perfecting your posing. So many courses out there skip crucial steps. So I've listened and created an all-inclusive program that really does cover EVERYTHING you need to know to be INSANELY amazing.

I'm Kat and I can't wait to teach you how to be AMAZING!

hey new friend!

I walk you through every step and strategy required to build the most amazing Newborn Photography Career by mastering gorgeous posing and lighting in just 6 months!

Newborn Posing

Photography Academy

Brenaya continues.... "I also want to give you a big THANK YOU for all that you have done for me and my business."

"Looking back I can't believe how far I've come...I couldn't believe I was able to find a mentor that was so hands on for the price!"

Thank you so much Kathryn Barredo  you are an amazing Teacher and you help 
all of us achieve our goals so quick 😍 I wish I joined at the beginning when I started, 
it would've saved me a lot of money/time and directed me to the right direction from the beginning. Thank you again 😍😁

"The best investment I have done in my career and worth every penny ❤️🥰"

Noor Hilmi

Kathryn is FANTASTIC! She pays attention to every member, so you get the feeling of true private mentoring. She holds your hand and walks you step-by-step. I am staying for more action with Kathryn! ❤

"This is REAL DEAL program! I am a member of the group and LOVE everything about it.."

Lena Leite

Here's What's Included in Newborn Posing  Photography Academy:

6 months of group coaching!!!

Cost of Doing Business Calculator

Pricing for Sustainability & Upselling

Mastering the Model Call Process 

Contracts, Legalities & Newborn Safety

This is whats included in Module one
of this exciting 6 month program:


module one

Lighting Diagram PDF to download

Detailed lighting tutorial with posing demo's

Studio Light Settings & Equipment

Studio light set up with video demonstration

This module gives
you those lightbulb moments
with your studio light!


module two

Prop Posing & Wrapping

Naked Posing on Fabric

Soothing techniques

Workflow & Styling

Some of the essential key points covered in this module:

Posing Tutorials

module three

Everything in a full newborn session

How I interact with Families while working

Newborn Workflow in detail

Handling Siblings, Parents & fussy newborns

Module four gives you real situations:

Newborn Lives

module Four

Uploading Proof Galleries and final delivery

Culling sessions to keep them the perfect size

Editing raw images without being scary

Uploading images from your session

This is whats included in Module five
of this exciting program:

Editing &

module five

1 Video Conference Call with Kat to discuss your goals, go over the program & set up a 
6 month schedule unique to you!

1 private 1 hour zoom call that can be used for questions or
editing half way through the program.

Making money doing what you love and
learning how to scale your pricing


Building relationships with clients that last for years because they love your work


Perfecting your posing workflow with 
proven recommendations


Posing babies easily and confidently because you now understand how


results you can expect

when you join

Kathryn Barredo has been my mentor since she started her teaching program and I will forever be thankful for all she’s done and taught me. I feel like I’m finally coming into my own and creating art I’m truly proud of.

If anyone is thinking of doing this, DO NOT HESITATE!!!!! I had so many doubts before joining but it’s the best investment I’ve ever made for my photography business (even non-newborn related!)

This has 100% been the ticket for me to get consistent, gorgeous studio newborn images. JOIN, PEOPLE!

Kathryn Barredo is very passionate about helping others and helping you become better through everything involved in your photography business."

Kind words overheard

Inside this 6 month program I'm going to teach you how to build and scale a Newborn Photography Business from scratch. Weekly Group Coaching calls will give you plenty of FaceTime, solving the issues that commonly arise with photographers. This program is unlike any other as I focus on the details that most other programs miss. The small details that help you understand how to perfect your posing and editing! Every other zoom call with be a living editing class focused on YOUR images! Replays available for every call.

What Sets Newborn Posing Photography Academy Apart From the Rest?

A Private Facebook Group Community is provided. This is crucial in growing. This allows you to watch and learn from others who are going through exactly the same process. It also gives that added support that you need.

Private Community

There are pre-recorded video's and audio files to listen to so that you don't have to read everything. This allows you to multitask - Learn and work at the same time if you want!

Audio Files

Not only does this course include 6 months of self paced pre-recorded modules and a private facebook group, it also includes
 4 monthly 
Group Coaching Calls!

Coaching Calls

Sometimes things don't go as planned. It's important to watch how things are done in real time and how to navigate the unexpected. Newborns are all different, and they can make us question our abilities. It's encouraging to see others face stressful situations and learn from them. These are split into four 2 hour videos to stream at your convenience, including twins!

This course includes Five Recorded
Newborn Sessions

Don't worry about pricing, because we got you! We show you over several lessons exactly how to: 
  • Calculate your Cost of doing Business
  • Pricing that makes a profit
  • How to market to your ideal client
  • How to get return clients to pay more

Detailed Pricing
For Profit

lifetime website access





6 Payments of

private mentoring support Group

LIFETIME course/ website ACCESS

weekly group zoom calls

1 newborn live within 6 months

$2700 (save $100)

Pay in full

Newborn Posing
Photography Academy

the investment


After you tag me, we will chat privately on facebook messenger and I will add you to the mentoring facebook group. We then schedule your 1:1 call.



After your payment has been received, tag me in a post in the MomTog Educate Facebook Group telling me you just joined mentoring. 



Click the link below that will take you to the checkout page. Use the discount code if you have one to save. Sign up by paying your first month.

How to
Sign up


getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

"I was able to triple my prices with confidence!"

Am I guaranteed success?

Answers to your burning questions

If you put in the work, and follow the guidance I have no doubt that you will succeed. But if you don't show up and participate, then your progress will be slower then those that put in 100% effort.

If i want more after this course, what are the options?

You can join my graduated subscription for $15/month that will give you access to all Momtog Educates courses and continued mentoring support in the private facebook group.

HOw many will be in each group coaching session?

Every group coaching session will be different. But life is busy, and so sometimes we have a group of 5-10, sometimes its 20 who join. You will each have time to ask your questions and be answered in every group coaching call. And replays are available.

Ready to let go of that
"Powerlessness" Mindset
and  Get Control of Your Life?

you're ready to ditch imposter syndrome and feel amazing

You've got the desire and 
motivation to work hard

You are creative and want help to get better at posing

This is Perfect For You If...

you don't want to join an amazing community

You don't want to
improve your skills

you think your work
is perfect

This Probably  Isn't For You If...


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